Veteran Irish Rapper Shoots At Dublin’s Homeless Crisis With Bars

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A leading Dublin rap artist has teamed up with Focus Ireland and written a hard-hitting song about the worst homelessness crisis in living memory, while Newbridge born singer Luka Bloom is also said to have written a brand new song ahead of the march which takes place this Saturday 7 April.

The rapper Gary Nugent – known as Nugget – wrote the rap called “Stand Up” when he was contacted by Focus Ireland as the charity wanted to use it to help build support for a national march on April 7th to protest at the crisis as nearly 10,000 people are now homeless.

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Meanwhile, well-known folk-singer Luka Bloom, real name Kevin Barry Moore, is the younger brother of Christy Moore and he was born in Newbridge. He is also supporting the march and wrote a song about the crisis called “The End Of The Patriot’s Dream”.

Luka had called on other artists to support the march and this appeal led to Focus Ireland asking Nugget to get involved in the campaign to promote the protest.  He said: “Ireland is a relatively wealthy country with a small population, there is no need for anyone to be homeless or the threat of eviction.  But the problem gets worse every year.  My dream for 2018 is that enough Irish citizens will simply say ”enough” and demand that the Irish government will take whatever steps required to end this crisis.”

Luka’s new song “The End Of The Patriot’s Dream” was filmed on location at the popular The Cliffs of Moher Retreat Centre, Liscannor, in County Clare recently and it was filmed by Quentin Cooper.

Meanwhile, Nugget  (real name Gary Nugent)  is from Ballyfermot and his rap career started to take off after he lost his job as an electrician during the recession.  One of his songs called Irish Tune racked up nearly 750K views on Youtube and he has played at the Electric Picnic twice.  He is back working for a few years now and still keeps up his music often writing about society and social issues.

He said: “I feel very strongly about the injustice of the homelessness crisis and was delighted to get involved.  I hope this track helps to get people talking and thinking about the crisis and that they will come out and march on April 7th.”

The march starts at the Garden of Remembrance at 1pm.   Speakers include Fr. Peter McVerry, Cllr Tina McVeigh People Before Profit.  Nugget will perform his song at the event as will Luka Bloom.

The march is being organised by the National Homeless & Housing Coalition who are urging people to take to the streets in Dublin on April 7th  to demand immediate action to end the homelessness and housing crisis.  Major unions SIPTU and Forsa are taking part in the march along with NGO’s Focus Ireland and Fr. Peter McVerry and many others such as People Before Profit.

Nugget added: ”I have to say I’m absolutely honoured to be involved with Focus Ireland with such an important event, at such an important point in our history.  I’ve been concerned and angry for some time that such a national disaster could be occurring and continuing to grow. People are suffering for the many mistakes made in the past and being made again by successive governments. When Focus Ireland contacted me to get involved and write a song from my perspective I jumped at the chance and the inspiration came easily. I hope that even a few who hear it might take something away from it to make them think more about what is actually happening to people in 2018″ and get out and march with the National Homeless and Housing coalition on #April7th. ”

Check out Luka’s Bloom’s new song “The End Of The Patriot’s Dream” and Nugget’s “Stand Up” below:

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4 Replies to “Veteran Irish Rapper Shoots At Dublin’s Homeless Crisis With Bars”

  1. Brick Music says:

    People need to take note of this!!
    Big up to nugget for this & Metro Mixx for giving it the exposure it needs and deserves

  2. Max deWinter says:

    Ireland needs to do what the UK didnt : vet its borders properly and stop EU nationals rolling in with no job or prospects. A huge % of the homeless are a direct result of eco migration. Take your head out of the sand.

    • traamdublin says:

      Stop blaming other people for the governments actions. You can always blame the rest of the world for your problems I don’t care what UK did to stop their problem the UK needs to do the same and help the countries its robbed which is why people go to the UK to find a better life. People need to stop being stupid with their words. This is why black people don’t stop reminding you about the history because your so quick to forget and exclude. The invaded countries like Ireland should have closed their borders when they were invaded by the UK. Ignorance is a form of stupidity.

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