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Racism is Rampant & Covered Up in Ireland by Government.

On Friday Jamaican Artist Dre’ Kannon describes the ordeal growing up in Ireland for him and many others on RTE Pulse.

RTE Pulse presenters – Right – Left, Dre Kannon – Center.

While efforts are being made to combat racism for many Irish people in the Republic racism & racists seems to be non-existent but for many foreigners and Irish travelers racism seems to be a big problem when it comes to the government system system, education, jobs & especially encounters with the Garda Síochána. In a 2013 article published by the Irish Times “Study reveals that over 120 racism cases was reported” today we believe the figures to be a lot more.

If your one of those non-believers who thinks racism is non-existent in Ireland the take a look at the screenshots below.

Dre – “My upbringing in Ireland is by far the worst thing I’ve ever experienced, its almost like I died and took a plane to hell and when I arrived there was no escape. When we first moved here not even a month went by without someone putting fireworks through our door almost setting the house on fire & the next day waking up to notes in our door saying (Niggers Get Out) nicely placed there by the neighbors and their children & this was no rough area.”


Toyosi Shittabey

Only 15 years old when he was murdered by 2 men in their 30’s and they were acquitted of murder? But if I am even suspected I’m being brought in for questioning, racially & physically abused by Garda?

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One case study outlined in the report involved a woman who was allegedly forced to the ground and beaten by a gang of girls.

She claimed witnesses walked by without helping as her attackers kicked her in the stomach repeatedly.

Another woman, who claimed she had a miscarriage as a result of stress caused by racist behaviour towards her and her family, said the walls of her home had been covered with Nazi symbols, hangmen and racist slogans.

She claimed death threats had also been made against her family.

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“The young lady in the above claim the issue would almost never see a day in court especially if the Garda on the scene thinks the same as the attackers which is usually the case. Sometimes the victims are arrested for disturbing the peace because they are frustrated that the law does not recognize their pain and end up with a criminal record.”

The report findings showed a surge in reported racism cases during the summer, with 23 incidents in June and 29 last month – compared with just three in July last year.

As well as calling for Ireland to ratify the European convention on cyber racism, the Immigrant Council has recommended the establishment of a national database that gives policymakers a clear and realistic picture of racism in Ireland.

Dre Kannon detailed his recent fight with online racism and prejudice when he uploaded a video created by the Journal titled “The Forgotten Mixed Race Child Abuse Victims” on his platform ‘Metro Mixx Dublin‘ that garnered over 10,000 views within 2 days of publication. Dre said that he originally posted the video to spread awareness & show people online mainly in Ireland that racism still actually exists.

Dre- “It was a strategy of mine to bring forth both the disbelievers and racist people online whom I always see hiding behind fake accounts on YouTube. They would comment some terrible things about other human beings and I got sick and tired of it so I decided to share this post to specific groups which I felt had the right amount of people to fish out the racists. I was immediately attacked in the comments for posting this video & I can admit the groups were not about this topic at all but my plan worked and the comments flew in by the thousands. I feel like it was necessary for me to use my music online strength as a tool to make change”

There are some very disgusting people living among the good folk of Ireland and we ask that anytime something like this happens again we strike back and not let them get away with it. Racism is a mental disease passed down through generations and can be cured with education and good surroundings. Ignorance and silence will fuel this disease and continue to separate the world. Some of the most racist people can be found in schools, job sectors, immigration, gards, judges politicians, media, social protection and many more. When they get the opportunity to ruin lives they will not hesitate to do so and they must be stopped. So many lives are affected each day and families destroyed over careless acts of hatred towards other human beings.



Search (Racism Ireland) on YouTube to find more…

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