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Sometimes, new music drops and it’s so dark and so unprecedented that people can’t help but blame it on Satan. Average bluesman Robert Johnson disappeared for a few weeks in the 1930s, came back with legendary skills, and said he’d acquired them in a deal with the devil. After Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page purchased a house once owned by occult icon Aleister Crowley, the band released its most successful album and Page faced accusations of Satanism for the rest of his career. Hell, some people even believe that Mozart’s haunting Requiem in D minor was inspired by visions of a sinister, possibly demonic spirit.

XO Tour Llif3 – (XO TOUR Llucif3r)

But why Lil Uzi Vert? The purple-haired, yelpy-voiced, oddly-dressed rapper is the last artist you’d expect to be the target of devil-worshipping accusations. Dude sampled the Reading Rainbow theme song. Dude released a mixtape inspired by Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Dude has a song with an accordion in it. Uzi’s music is technicolor trap-pop, just about the least demonic-sounding thing that’s ever been housed under the umbrella of hip hop. But here we are in 2017, and he’s just about the only rapper who’s currently facing conspiracy theories about his alleged allegiance to Lucifer.

Is Uzi’s anthem “Do What I Want” in fact a cleverly-reworded version of Crowley’s “Do What Thou Wilt” mantra? When he rapped, “No I’m not Jordan but I am the GOAT,” was he using the popular acronym for Greatest Of All Time or invoking Baphomet, the goat-headed deity pictured in the Church of Satan’s official sigil? Let’s see just how Satanic this Lil Uzi Vert character really is.

The case for Lil Uzi Vert as a Satanist

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This all started back in December of last year, when Daylyt (a niche battle rapper) called out Uzi (a young star with radio hits and hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide) with some harebrained reasoning. This is a standard pattern in hip hop, if you haven’t noticed by now. The only difference was that instead of claiming that Uzi wasn’t “real hip hop” or that he was feminizing young men– the classic old head complaints about young stars– Daylyt came forward with several pieces of evidence that he believed identified Lil Uzi Vert as “the devillllllllll,” as he wrote on Instagram:

  1. Say “Lil Uzi Vert” quickly enough and it sounds like “Lucifer.” Fair enough. 
  2. The only person Uzi follows on Instagram is Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson is a known Satanist. Okay.
  3. “Lil Uzi Vert means that he’s pointing an Uzi vertically, which means he’s shooting at the sky. Which means he is actually trying to kill God… Yet we know bullets don’t go high enough to kill God, and that’s why he got signed by Wiz Khalifa, a rapper that is known for getting high… Wiz Khalifa is gonna get Lil Uzi Vert high enough to kill God.” Alright Daylyt, are you just fucking with us?

Daylyt certainly didn’t help his case by accompanying these IG revelations with claims that his posts kept getting deleted and that he “may have cracked somthing [sic] they didn’t want me to,” in addition to writing, “#christianityhelp me !” Also, Daylyt has a large face tattoo inspired by comic book character Spawn. Anyone with a comic book-inspired face tat automatically loses a little credibility, right?

Not even these eye-catching claims were enough to get Daylyt the attention he sought, and the world kept ignoring him and the Lil Uzi theory until more prominent rappers became involved. On May 22, Offest (who recently topped the charts with Uzi on “Bad & Boujee”) took to IG to express his concern about the upside-down cross chain that Uzi has been wearing recently:

“All y’all n****s wearing upside down crosses, my little partners man,” Offset said, “Stop that shit boy, you look lame. All that worship the devil shit. Get with God, man.”

The inverted cross has an interesting history. Initially used as a symbol of Saint Peter, who was crucified upside down because he didn’t want to bite Jesus’ swag, it’s gradually become more of an anti-Christian icon, gaining popularity in horror films and punk and metal artwork. But let’s be real: no one’s going to think you’re repping Saint Peter if you rock one in 2017.

Lil Uzi responded by posting a drawing of another inverted cross, the numbers “666,” and a face with yet another inverted cross drawn on it, to IG, and tagging Offset. Read their ensuing exchange below.

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